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Gregor Krmelj

Software Engineer

I aspire to learn about computers and create solutions that provide value. I'm fascinated by computer systems, networking, open source software and startups.

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670C E163 ABA4 D090 958B  CE7E A438 1DE6 28E2 A43B

Professional Skill Set

As a professional DevOps software engineer my areas of expertise

Backend systems

Engineering cloud native scalable and maintainable web backend systems in Go and Python.

Kubernetes & Docker

Deploying and maintaining K8s clusters (cloud & on-prem). Developing custom Kubernetes controllers as well as optimized Docker images.

Cloud & Operations

Deploying applications in the cloud, maintaining servers, setting up DevOps workflows such as GitOps and CI/CD pipelines with Kubernetes deployments.

Open Source

Besides contributing to various OSS projects I am also a part of the following projects as a core maintainer

Coding challenge AI Education

Bot programming platform for beginners and advanced coders alike, where you can use your coding skills to develop a bot for our video games and battle with it against other enthusiastic coders.

Networking Security

Open and extensible SPA (Single Packet Authorization) implementation that enables hidden TCP/IP deployments of network services for unauthorized users.

Networking Security

Proof of concept Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) implementation using OpenSPA for service hiding.

Tech Hobbies

In my spare time I play around with

  • GNU/Linux
  • Networking
  • Computer security
  • Embedded systems
  • Static websites using Hugo (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Unity
  • and if I'm really bored I read RFCs